A Lifetime in Writing

I write poetry and creative fiction, as well as offering an assortment of freelance
writing services. With regard to the latter, I specialize in topical blogs and web content for a variety of industries and niches. I regularly add new subjects to my repertoire, and I’m always interested in writing about something different.

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Writing has always been fundamental to the human condition. It is our oldest and best mechanism for understanding the past, as well as for looking to the future.

On the off-chance that somebody is willing to pay to read my opinion, I also ghostwrite bylined articles. These are available at more affordable rates, because they stroke my ego (they also require less research; there is that, but it’s mostly the ego thing).

My fiction has largely been constrained to personal interests to date. I write stories that I enjoy reading, and I sometimes share them with close friends. I do so largely to maintain healthy writing habits, as well as to improve upon my existing literary skills. For what it’s worth, everything on this site was written by me, save where something is otherwise accredited (or in certain obvious sections, like blog comments).

Adventures in Fiction

Regarding my forays in fiction, I strongly favor military sci-fi and Lovecraftian horror. Either genre offers a straightforward approach to a story that is both exciting and engrossing. It’s not uncommon to find me mixing the two, to what I like to think of as interesting and uncommon effect.

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As a fiction writer, this library would be a dream come true (hint, hint).

I enjoy writing, whether a given piece is for personal or professional use. I got started early with an avid reading habit, developed in part due to my family’s conspicuous lack of cable television (where we lived, they wouldn’t even run the wires). My parents were very supportive; both are active readers themselves, and they encouraged my interest through the provision of any books that I expressed a strong preference for. This was particularly true where our other interests aligned; in my home, there was even a stack of books in the bathroom. Private hoards were unheard-of.

The biggest boost to my interest and abilities needs to be attributed to the extracurricular and independently managed writing workshops I attended while in school. I was a part of several, first as a child and then again as a teenager, with my earliest experience hearkening back to the third grade.

Writing Prompts and Workshops

When I was fifteen, I got involved in my first independently managed writers’ workshop. It was run by a published author named Claire Baldwin, and was intended specifically for teen writers. I found it encouraging—not only indirectly, as it introduced me to other people who were interested in my work, but also pragmatically.

The exercises and writing prompts used during this workshop never failed to inspire something creative and new from me, even during my worst moments of writer’s block. These would go on to form the basis of the techniques I’ve used ever since, whenever I was troubled by a lack of personal productivity or outside support. Sometimes, they serve simply to provide fresh inspiration, taking my writing in an entirely new direction.

Words With Nick

One of the primary functions of Words With Nick—you know, aside from sharing my brilliance with the entire planet—will be to try and generate this same sense of enthusiasm and inspiration in a new generation of writers. I hope to accomplish this through the provision of the same types of writing prompts and other exercises which have worked so well for me. As time goes on, I would also like to host online writing workshops, and to invite guest bloggers to share their own thoughts and ideas with you.

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One of my most fulfilling moments as a writer was when I received fan mail from a girl in the third grade, who wanted to read a published poem of mine to her class to encourage their love of writing and reading (she was remarkably specific).

Writing is important, even crucial, to so many things. It is fundamental to human inspiration. It keeps a record of our history. It reminds us of the existence of alternative perspectives and viewpoints. It educates, entertains, and enlightens—and it does so in ways that are not only constructive to a healthy outlook on life, but which have been shown to contribute to the long-term physical well-being of the human brain.

If an online writer’s workshop is something you think you might be interesting in attending—or in helping to promote—please don’t hesitate before getting in touch and letting me know! The more interest there is, the easier it will be to set a plan in motion, and to encourage more aspiring writers to attend.